Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Got Glasses! Again :P

I got new glasses! B) 

I've had glasses on and off since I was 6. My first ones were round purple ones rimmed with spectacle wearing stars/starfish?.  I got my second pair of glasses (plain blue ones) when I was 10 and a few years later upgraded to the suave half rimmed glasses which were 'so expensive that you have to keep them until you are 18'. Ooh. Death Sentence. I always put them on in exams to feel smart ;D But the years went by and now I got these new ones ^_^ (Still 79 days till I turn 18, not that I'm counting!) 

I've gone through fazes of not wanting to wear my glasses. Especially since only one of my eyes has astigmatism so I don't really notice a major difference whether I'm wearing the glasses or not. My left eye takes over for the other one not seeing properly. Now when I went for the eye check up the optometrist told me that, I should be wearing my glasses as much as possible, especially if I am using 'visual concentration'. I just sat there the me part of me thinking, 'Ooh visual concentration. Sounds cool! :P' and then the rebellious teenager part of me thinking ' Seriously? They don't really make a difference.' Anyways, I got a prescription for new glasses, and went to fetch them today. And they do make a difference! But you only notice once you actually put the glasses on. 

Like my friend Saphie who also just got new glasses said; 'Everything's like HD!' and I agree with her; not only HD, also like 3D! Its really cool! And you appreciate the beauty of stuff a lot more when you can see it clearly...  

You have to wear the right glasses though, if you wear the wrong ones they will probably make your eyesight even worse. It reminded me of Sunday School in Finland ( I wasn't even wearing glasses yet so it must've been aaages ago) they brought like 20 different pairs of glasses and we got to try them all on. Some had big fat lenses that made everything, well, big and fat and out of proportion. Others had cracked lenses which distorted everything etc. All the lenses give a different view, right? But then they sent around the 'God's Love Glasses'. They had no lens.  Everything looks just how it is. God sees us just how we are but he still loves us all the same. 

 It's quite a relief once you realize that you don't have to be something you're not 'just for show'. When you are a child of God that means he has adopted you into his family. He sees every flaw and failure in you but he still loves you enough to send himself down in human form and die for you sins. When we understand the magnitude of his love despite ourselves, other people's views become kind of irrelevant don't they? I mean, who cares what the rude person on the other hockey team shouts at you when you know what the Ultimate King thinks of you? 

Are you having trouble seeing the beauty around you clearly? Or in other people and yourself? These lenses might help; Get to know God and his love for you through reading the bible and talking to Him in prayer. These help you base your identity in God rather than on man. 'For man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart'. When we wear His 'glasses of love' we get to see true beauty :) Try it out!


ps. here are my glasses! Yes, they're purple and orange.. ^_^ (i'm impressed by my phone's camera!)

Ahahaha and here are my old ones ^^,