Saturday, January 15, 2011

Right Now

My name is Rebekka, and I feel led to start a Blog.
Now i KNOW that sounds very religious and olden dayish, but before you stop reading, I would like to surprise you with two interesting facts;
1. Im not old, at all. I'm actually 16 :)
2. I DO feel like God is calling me to this!

Basically, I love writing, and I love God.

So, maybe I should explain this urge.

I had a small kind of revelation, a Sudden Insight. That there are all these small stories about my life, stories of mess ups and victories, stories of me finding God, getting closer to God, and realizing new things about him. I want to share these stories with you, so you can share in the mishaps and joys of my life and journey with my Father. My hope is that you could also get closer to Him and understand more about Him. I also wish that you will be encouraged to journey further with God. He is truly amazing and will become even more so if you just dare let him into your life. You won't regret it!

I have always fancied the idea of writing a big fat book series about my life, like the Little House on the Prairie series or the Anne of Green Gables series. But, well, I cant do that till there is more of my life, or I could, but it seems kind of partial, so I thought of rather just waiting till I'm older, write an autobiography then. But I just went to a brilliant camp (camp rev!) and the main point was that ' Don't Waste Right NOW

'How do I write this 'big story' with only a bit over 16 years of life?' I thought. 'How do I not waste my love for writing right now?'

And so came the thought of starting a blog.
And here it is :)
I hope you enjoy reading about my life as much as I enjoy living it!
And don't forget to live YOUR own life, and make the most of Right Now
xXx God Loves You