Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Got Glasses! Again :P

I got new glasses! B) 

I've had glasses on and off since I was 6. My first ones were round purple ones rimmed with spectacle wearing stars/starfish?.  I got my second pair of glasses (plain blue ones) when I was 10 and a few years later upgraded to the suave half rimmed glasses which were 'so expensive that you have to keep them until you are 18'. Ooh. Death Sentence. I always put them on in exams to feel smart ;D But the years went by and now I got these new ones ^_^ (Still 79 days till I turn 18, not that I'm counting!) 

I've gone through fazes of not wanting to wear my glasses. Especially since only one of my eyes has astigmatism so I don't really notice a major difference whether I'm wearing the glasses or not. My left eye takes over for the other one not seeing properly. Now when I went for the eye check up the optometrist told me that, I should be wearing my glasses as much as possible, especially if I am using 'visual concentration'. I just sat there the me part of me thinking, 'Ooh visual concentration. Sounds cool! :P' and then the rebellious teenager part of me thinking ' Seriously? They don't really make a difference.' Anyways, I got a prescription for new glasses, and went to fetch them today. And they do make a difference! But you only notice once you actually put the glasses on. 

Like my friend Saphie who also just got new glasses said; 'Everything's like HD!' and I agree with her; not only HD, also like 3D! Its really cool! And you appreciate the beauty of stuff a lot more when you can see it clearly...  

You have to wear the right glasses though, if you wear the wrong ones they will probably make your eyesight even worse. It reminded me of Sunday School in Finland ( I wasn't even wearing glasses yet so it must've been aaages ago) they brought like 20 different pairs of glasses and we got to try them all on. Some had big fat lenses that made everything, well, big and fat and out of proportion. Others had cracked lenses which distorted everything etc. All the lenses give a different view, right? But then they sent around the 'God's Love Glasses'. They had no lens.  Everything looks just how it is. God sees us just how we are but he still loves us all the same. 

 It's quite a relief once you realize that you don't have to be something you're not 'just for show'. When you are a child of God that means he has adopted you into his family. He sees every flaw and failure in you but he still loves you enough to send himself down in human form and die for you sins. When we understand the magnitude of his love despite ourselves, other people's views become kind of irrelevant don't they? I mean, who cares what the rude person on the other hockey team shouts at you when you know what the Ultimate King thinks of you? 

Are you having trouble seeing the beauty around you clearly? Or in other people and yourself? These lenses might help; Get to know God and his love for you through reading the bible and talking to Him in prayer. These help you base your identity in God rather than on man. 'For man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart'. When we wear His 'glasses of love' we get to see true beauty :) Try it out!


ps. here are my glasses! Yes, they're purple and orange.. ^_^ (i'm impressed by my phone's camera!)

Ahahaha and here are my old ones ^^,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A date under the stars...:)


Shooting stars are quite over-rated, I think. It's one of those stereotypical scenes from movies where they are lying in a park having a DMC ('deep meaningful conversation' for those of you that don't care for shortening this kind of everyday phrases;) and then they have that moment-

Guy 'Aren't the stars beautiful tonight?'

 Girl '( Happy sigh) Yes...'

*moment of silence*

Girl ' Wow did you see that shooting star?'

Guy ' Yes I did!  Quick, make a wish!'

Girl 'Ok.' *makes a wish* 'Wow, what an amazing and special moment share with you.' aww :)

Riiight I'll give you a moment to get over that mushiness.

As I was saying, people's perspective on shooting stars is all wrong. Yes they are cool when they do manage to make an appearance, but when it comes right down to it, most of us are unlucky in our movie recreation moments, and so, you will probably end up sitting there for hours freezing your butts off without seeing a single one (unless youre really clever and checked to make sure you're stargazing during a meteorshower;). Additionally their appearance is usually limited to 1-5 seconds so there is a huge chance that you and your date aren't staring at the same spot in the massive night sky at the exact same time. That awkward moment when a shooting star spurts across the sky, and your date sees it, and you don't.

Now what I learnt when I was holiday with my neighbors in Zeekogat (see it doesn't have to be on a date. Ive never done this on a date. Come to think of it i haven't been on many dates... that's besides the point.) Is to look for Satellites. THAT my friends, is the best fun ever. There are about 3000 satellites orbiting earth out of roughly 8000 man made objects in total. (ie junk that's been left in space) and they range in size from the International Space Station to microsats that can be 10cm in diameter. Those are on average visible for so much longer, as their shine comes from reflecting sunlight while orbiting around us, instead of from catching fire and then disintegrating moments later in the atmosphere. Satellites crossing the sky are enjoyable for all and can be shared without the fear of missing out, especially if you have one of those really powerful green lazers, 'cause then you can use it to point them out to those less observant than you.

The Bible says we are the light of the world. We reflect God's power and light through our lives. Shooting stars look pretty, and that flash of light is very memorable for the moment, and then its gone. Satellites stick around for longer and can be shared. We meet so many people every day! Driving to work or studies, at school, in the mall. Never underestimate your impact on another persons life. You may only make a short shooting star appearance, or you may stay beside them for most of their life. But each person you meet sees your light. And what is that light telling them about you, your beliefs, and your God?

 “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.  No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." Matthew 5.14-16

ps. Another interesting insight from this satellites vs. shooting stars story; shooting stars are illuminated by burning themselves up, and they last only a few seconds. However satellites are illuminated across the sky. Through what? They don't create any light themselves. They are reflecting the sun's light. Don't try keep yourself alight, let God's love and joy fill you as you trust in him. That light lasts a lot longer. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

the Hot Rooms of Life

It. Is. June. Oh my gosh! And I am getting quite confused as to what I should write and where, as Sudden Insight is supposed to be all like devotional and stuff, but lately I haven't felt too devotional... My other blog, is for like short stories and poems, which leaves me with no place for ranting, which is what most people use their blogs for! I feel like I am missing out on something important. Heh. 

Something interesting my mom and I talked about the other day, and I shall share that with you. (Yoda phrasing there I did. Purposely not but Star Wars just the other day I watched. Stop I shall now.)

Finland is famous for numerous things, and one of the major ones is the SAUNA :) If you have never heard of it before, check it out here quickly before you carry on : An interesting though irrelevant fact about saunas which I found from a survey I did for biology last year, is that 29 out of 30 people after having a sauna feel more happy and content with life, relaxed and stress free. (the one out of 30 who didn't think this was my sister and she doesn't really count as she hasn't been exposed to saunas due to living abroad so much, so we'll excuse her.)  

If you've ever been in a sauna you will know that it gets quite hot in there. I've been in +110¤. Doesn't it sound crazy? Why would someone do that to themselves, right? That's the interesting thing. You bear it, because you know you will get out. Same as once you do get out you enjoy rolling in the snow (this guy shares his experience) or swimming in the freeeeeezing cold lake/pool/swamp whatever, because you know you can and will get out and back into the sauna to warm up. 

This one time my mom locked the sauna from the outside, forgetting that I was still inside. Until then I was very chilled in there, but as soon as I realized i couldn't get out if I wanted to I started freaking out. Claustrophobia set in and suddenly it was uncomfortably hot. I was about to very melodramatically faint onto the floor when she came back and opened the door. So of course once she came inside I went out and did the same to her. Jokes! 

My point is, though, that this is quite similar to our lives as Christians. Often we are persecuted for our beliefs,  but why do we persevere? Because we know what is at the end of it. Even though it might feel uncomfortable at present, we stick to God because he is worth it and we have our eyes on the goal, not the situation at the moment. One of my favorite verses at the moment is 2 Corinthians 4.18

 So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

Persevere through the Sauna of life and reap the rewards of the brilliant cooling and relaxation effect of the lake of eternal life. Hey, but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy the sauna as well!

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will later reveal to us. Romans 8.18 

now i feel like jumping into the pool....